Randolph T. Shell founded Shell Commercial with a vision of creating a diversified Commercial Real Estate Services Company that is recognized by its peers and customers as delivering effective results for its clients. With over fifteen years of local expertise and in- depth market knowledge, Shell Commercial is considered one of the areas most significant and visible Commercial Real Estate brokerage firms. The company is well known to building owners and investors for having a proven track record of providing its clients with successful results.

The goal of the firm is to approach each assignment with a serious sense of urgency on behalf of our clients. We strive to accept nothing less than prompt and successful attainment of our client’s objectives with every transaction. No matter how big or small, we approach each assignment with the same level of dedication, effort and tenacity. Whether it’s locating 1,500 square feet of office/warehouse space for a small business owner, or navigating through the myriad of obstacles relating to a multi-million dollar building transaction, we work hard to achieve success for the client.

It is our sincere desire to respect the individual objectives of every Shell Commercial Client and keep them informed of market conditions that may negatively or positively impact their particular investment opportunity. We accomplish this by developing long-term meaningful relationships with our clientele and treating them with the utmost respect by maintaining their best interests at heart. This means telling it like it is sometimes. Shell Commercial has a reputation for maintaining the highest level of integrity and honesty in all its business dealings, a reputation Shell Commercial’s owner, Randy Shell has earned in the Commercial Real Estate industry.